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How to take care of my pet

Your online pet needs you to take care of it. It needs to be fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Every time you feed it, you receive a free food or beverage item.
If you miss breakfast, you lose the free food or beverage item for that breakfast.
The happiness of your pet depends on how well you take care of it. If the indicators for food, beverage and walk are full, your pet will be in a "happy" mood and accordingly if the indicators are empty it's mood will be "unhappy".

I want coins

There are three ways to earn coins:
Take good care of your pet. The better you treat it today, The more coins you'll receive tomorrow.
Take part in the battles.

I want to dress it

Pets background images, as well as different clothes, hats, and other items are found in the store. After you buy an item from the store, you'll need to head to the wardrobe and apply it to your pet.


Taking part in the tournament is very easy. The most important thing in order to win is for your pet to be "happy" and to have a high luck factor. When your pet is unhappy or unlucky you can always skip the tournament for that day by pressing the skip tournament button.
You receive 15 coins per win, a tie earns you 8, and a loss will cost you 5 coins.

How is luck calculated

Just like in life, here too luck can't be changed by anyone. It's randomly given to your pet on daily basis.

Play with your pet

You get a coin for each person that plays with your pet. It only recognizes people who are not registered in the game, so there is no reason to try and send your link in the chat, in private messages or comments.


You can trick another pet and have them sent to the hospital for 500 coins. If the pet can't afford to pay 50 coins to get out of the hospital, it'll stay there and wont be active the next day.

I want another pet

If you would like to change your pet(for example: Panda or Crocodile), you need to go to the Market and select pets. Remember, you can only change your pet only once a month.

Can I have another account

Yes. You can have as many accounts at MyMiniPet.com as you wish.

How can I change my profile's background

You can change the background from the settings tab.

How can I send my pet on vacation

If at some point you have no time to take care of your pet you can send it on a vacation. Being sent on vacation would mean that your pet won't need any care during that time, won't be featured in the tournament, no need for food, no daily coins income, and people wont be able to play with it or pet it. Once vacation days are over (or you manually switch back) you'll find your pet the exact same way you left it. Messages, Buddies, Playground and Settings are still accessable while the pet is on vacation.
You can send your pet on a vacation from the settings tab.

The Forest

Home - This is your pet's home (your profile).

Market - At the market you can buy foods, drinks, backgrounds, hats, accessories and other items for your pet. You can also change your pet's appearance from the market.

School - When you send your pet to school, it gathers up intelligence. The higher the intelligence factor is, the more coins you'll make in the factory, when your pet goes to work.

Factory - That's where pets go to work. The more intelligent your pet, the more coins it makes. You can send your pet to work daily, every six hours.

Trade Fair - If you have items purchased from the Market that you no longer need, you can sell them at the Trade Fair.

Playground - You can talk to other pets at the playground.

Podium - Go there to see famous pets, as well as the latest weddings arranged by date.

Lotto - You can play the lotto with 5 numbers and win coins. Lucky numbers are announced every 6 hours.
For every 3 guessed numbers you win 200 coins.
For every 4 guessed numbers you win 500 coins.
For all 5 numbers you win 1000 coins.

Hospital - Your pet can sometimes fall sick. This happens on random. When your pet falls sick you need to go to the hospital and treat it. This will cost you 50 coins. When your pet is it CAN'T be fed, people can't play with it, take part in the tournament, or receieve daily coins. Messages, Buddies and Settings are available, when your pet is sick.

I'm being threatened with removal

No one can delete or remove your profile, so don't worry. The only way you can get yourself in trouble and get banned is if you break the rules, or use faul language.

I'm being asked for my password

Never give your e-mail or password to anyone. An administrator will never ask for your password or contact you through the website. The only way to contact an administrator is through the "Contacts" page.

I'm promised coins if I send a text message

Don't trust anyone who's offering you coins for money, text messages or anything else for that sense, because besides the fact that you might be scammed, you might also be removed from the website. All methods of gaining fake coins are against the rules.

Safe online surfing

The seven rules of safe surfing online:

1. I need to have permission from my parents in order to use the computer.

2. I'll keep my passwords a secret from everyone.

3. I'll only open e-mail from people I know.

4. I'll always tell my parents when I have doubts or problems.

5. I'll use the computer for no longer than an hour a day.

6. I'll never give my name or address to anyone on the Internet.

7. I'll discuss the websites I visit on the Internet with my parents.

If you ever receive messages or communication that is disturbing in any way, let your parents know right away so they can contact http://web112.net

For Parents

Dear Parents,
We have provided some guidelines below, that we encourage you to note in order for your child to have a safe experience on the Internet.

1. Talk to your kids

2. Place the computer in a commond room

3. Admit it, when you realize you're not educated enough on the subject of safe online experience

4. Improve your Internet education - get to know the web and the online culture

5. Don't allow easy access to private information stored on your computer