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Rules of MyMiniPet.com

With your registration at the free online game MyMiniPet.com you automatically agree to the given rules of conduct and you declare, that you are over the age of 13.

Prohibited actions

It is prohibited to break the rules of the game and its manipulation. Use of foul language anywhere on this website is absolutely prohibited. All actions related to flood, advertising, spam, phishing are prohibited. Use of bots and proxy is also prohibited. Selling accounts and access to the site is against the rules.

Disciplinary Actions

The disciplinary actions can be either removal of account or removal and ban of account. Administrators of the game have the right to apply disciplinary actions if they deem necessary or if the rules are broken. They can do that without the need of warning or announcement and without having to report to any outside factors.


MyMiniPet.com is a free game, therfore it is not possible to look for a responsibility for the given service in any case. MyMiniPet.com does not cary a responsibility for wrongful events from the users based on their participation in the game and it keeps the right to stop or deny access to the game when necessary.

Rules of use

MyMiniPet.com has the right to change, add and/or modify all rules and written content of the website at any time and without warning or notice.

All other unsetteled and unclarified instances will be reffered to and dealth with according to and as stipulated by the judicial system of The Republic of Bulgaria.

The text of the given set of Rules & Regulations cannot be copied, used, reproduced and such, in parts or as a whole, without the written concent of MyMiniPet.com